Specs may mean two things. A short term for specifications like functional specifications, technical specifications etc. Or it can also be a short term for spectacles or eyeglasses :) My dad, mom and sister all wears glasses. I’m the only one in our family that doesn’t wear any glasses and I can’t believe that after all this years of working in front of the computer, my vision is still ok. Anyways, last weekend I saw this website that let’s you try on glasses. It’s like those websites where you upload your photo and you can choose your hairstyle but for this particular site instead of hairstyle you can try on different eyeglasses. Cool huh? The website I’m talking about is Zenni Optical. The site has plenty choices of affordable prescription eyeglasses. The cheapest pair of glasses is around $6! International shipping is not that bad either. I’d expect that shipping would be more than $20 but they’re only charging $9.95 for shipping. I’ve actually chosen one that I liked, it has some bling to it! :P Affordable Prescription Glasses I’m still unsure if I’ll order one but from the stories I’ve read on the internet the site seems legit. There are more stories available in their Share your Zenni story blog. I’ll read through all of them and hopefully by then I’ll be convinced to get a pair from them. Although my vision is still ok, I think it’s safe for me to wear eyeglasses because it is somehow my way of protecting/conserving my vision.

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