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I’ve been following some online forums for weeks just to keep me informed whether the Touch is now available in the Philippines. I’ve been excited to own the iPod Touch since the announcement last September. So as soon as I read that it was already being sold in some stores, I started to feel all the more excited! Last Friday, my sister and I went to Power Mac, Festival Mall. We went there because I specifically remembered this store being mentioned in the forums… and that they were apparently selling the (PRODUCT)RED iPod Touch. When we got there I was surprised to see that there was no display of the new iPod Touch. So I asked one of the staffs and he immediately pointed a shelf to my right and told me that there was only one unit remaining: a 64GB pink iPod touch. The staff took it out of the shelf so I could see clearly how pink it was. I initially thought it was the red one, but upon seeing it up close I decided to not buy it. It was just “too pink” for my taste. Hehe! So we left Power Mac and I was disappointed, sad and about to lose hope. :P Yes, I was that dead set to get an iPod Touch on that day! Good thing my sister remembered that Sw!tch has a branch in Alabang Town Center, so we went there but I wasn’t too excited anymore. When we got in the store I immediately asked the first staff I saw. She told me it was available but there’s nothing on display. She asked what color I’d like but I answered back asking what colors were available. I was surprised when she said that they had all colors, so I asked for the red one (although I knew that the red was only being offered online). I was right, they didn’t have the red! But she said they had all colors, so I still tried and asked :P I settled for the white & grey one just because my BlackBerry is also white. Unfortunately, they still didn’t have any cases available yet for the iPod Touch. So I’m being really extra careful in using it. I was planning not to use it until I get a case but I just couldn’t put it down after I tried to test the wifi at home. Haha! Thanks to the staff at Sw!tch who opened the iPod Touch and set it up for me. :) I would probably be scared to take out the Touch from the box of fears of dropping it or maybe scratching it while I try to take it out.

iPod Touch (5th gen)

So here’s my initial thoughts/tips:

  • I love how lightweight it is.
  • The loop is actually useful. Its just a bit too large.
  • If you own an old iPod Touch and would like to transfer all your files, purchased apps etc. to your new device: Make sure to sync it first with your apple ID or create a back up on your computer.
  • If you’re a bit clumsy, wait until cases are available before buying. (Unless you have a spare case or pouch that would fit the device)

Overall, I’m loving the new iPod Touch. Despite not being able to use it frequently (still waiting for a case to be available). I can say that it’s definitely a good buy and worth spending Php16,490*. :) Next on my list… the Macbook Pro or Macbook Air! :P

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This is a bit late but I’m still going to blog about it anyways. Last week, Apple has announced their new line of products: the much anticipated iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5th gen and iPod Nano 7th gen. All of these come with their new OS which is the iOS 6. From the 3, I was more impressed with the iPod Touch. I was actually looking forward to see what the iPhone 5 will be like before I finally decide on what phone to get to replace my ol’ Nokia E51. Turns out I won’t be getting an iPhone, I might just settle with whatever phone Globe offers me from their loyalty program. One’s thing for sure is that I’ll be getting the new iPod Touch. I’m still trying to hold off from pre-ordering online via the Apple Store because I would want to see and hold the actual unit before buying. I just hope the RED iPod Touch would be available in stores as well.

Here’s a comparison that I saw from this site between the iPod Touch 5th gen and the iPhone 5:


iPod Touch 5th gen

iPhone 5

Capacity 32 GB & 64 GB 16 GB, 32 GB & 64 GB
Screen size (inches) / Resolution 4 / 1136 x 640 4 / 1136 x 640
Processor Apple A5 Apple A6
Battery Life Video: 10 hours

Audio: 40 hours

Talk/Video/Web: 8-10 hours

Audio: 40 hours

A-GPS No Yes
Camera 5 megapixels 8 megapixels
Video Camera 720p HD 1080p HD
FaceTime Yes Yes
Siri Yes Yes
Phone No Yes
Wi-Fi Yes Yes
Size (in inches) 4.86 x 2.31 x 0.24 4.87 x 2.31 x 0.30
Weight (in ounces) 3.10 3.95

How about you? Were you disappointed with the iPhone 5? Are you getting the iPod Touch 5th gen instead? :)

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Lucky Me!

I joined YugaTech’s online giveaway last month even if I had little hope of winning. Joining the giveaway was easy so I still gave it a go despite my hesitations and hoped for the best. I told to myself, maybe this time I’d get lucky! As soon as I shared my entry on my Facebook profile, two of my friends were already asking to share some of my prizes with them. They thought I won already since I was already thanking Yugatech & Cliptec PH (sponsor of the giveaway). Haha! Christmas day came; it was also the day when Abe will announce the winners of his giveaways. My dad and I were waiting for my sister & mom to return from their post-Christmas shopping when I decided to check Yugatech (thank you SM, for your free wi-fi). I already psyched myself not to expect anything so I was really surprised when I saw my name as one of the winners! If I were at home I would have screamed and probably ran around the house (parang nanalo lang sa lotto) but I was in a mall so I had to keep it cool! :P As soon as I got home, I sent Abe my details via e-mail, shared the news to my sister (who also won an online giveaway!), parents & Facebook.

I finally got my prizes today! I was hoping to get it sooner (excited much?) but since it was the holidays I did not mind. So what did I actually get? I got a pink CLiPtec Silicone Optical Mouse Pad (Opti-Pad) and a white CLiPtec Magic-Mate Portable Multimedia Speaker. I’ll post pictures of the actual items soon :) I was hoping to get a headset w/ mic or a multi-card reader (The two multi-card reader I bought from CD-R King is not working anymore :() since I really need (want) one but undecided if I should get one from CD-R King or from Octagon/Asianic. I want a quality purchase, one that would not easily break but at the same time not expensive. But who am I to complain, right? A freebie is a freebie. I’m currently using my mouse pad while my boyfriend asked for the portable speakers as soon as he saw it.

Thanks again Abe for the prizes and for bringing it to my office. It was nice meeting you too even for just a couple of seconds ;)

As promised, here’s the photos of the items I’ve won.

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Christmas 2011 Gadget Wishlist

Inspired by Yugatech‘s entry, I’m doing my Christmas Gadget Wish List.

1) Your Magnet mobile accessory. I was browsing for cable organizers and saw this unique and cute item! It’s not only a cable organizer but it can also be used as a stand for your mobile devices. And because it uses a suction plate it can also be attached on any clean surface and use it to hang small items.

2) Cupcases. I love multi-purpose items and this is just one of them. It is an iPhone leather case with a pocket in front so you can store cash and credit cards. This would be perfect for me since it’s a hassle bringing my phone and wallet with me everytime I go for lunch breaks. Usually, I just bring my wallet and leave my phone in my bag. This brings me to my next wish…

3) iPhone 4S. I’ve finally made up my mind on what phone to get and will replace my Nokia E51. If only I can afford to get one. :| Both Smart & Globe are now accepting reservations for the iPhone 4S but they still haven’t release any price yet.

4) Universal USB Charger. This is perfect for traveling. One charger for all your gadgets. I love that it also comes in orange! Yay! UPDATE: Unfortunately, Quirks will no longer be carrying the Universal USB Charger :(

5) Pocket Wifi. If in case I don’t get an iPhone 4S then I can use this to keep my iPod Touch always connected. Sun, Globe & Smart provide this kind of service but I’m still checking out which has the better deal.

Numbers 1 & 2 may not be considered as gadgets but I still added them to the list since they are FOR gadgets ;)

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Virus and Vacation

I didn’t realize that it has been almost a month since my last blog entry. For some reason my personal laptop got infected with a virus. I guess that’s what happens when you have hundreds of users sharing one network and my anti-virus doesn’t update its definitions automatically. I was so paranoid that I decided not to use my laptop until I’m able to reformat it. It took me a couple of weeks before I finally had the time to reformat my laptop. My laptop is now running on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS – the Lucid Lynx. I have Windows XP but it won’t install properly on my laptop because of some compatibility issues so I tried to install Ubuntu and it worked/installed properly. I’ll settle for now with Ubuntu because the prices of the Windows OS here in Melbourne is a bit expensive compared to the prices in Manila.

Aside from the virus problem, I also returned to Manila 2 weeks ago for a short vacation. I returned to Manila last 6 August 2011. I had a week off and spent it with friends and family. I was able to finally meet Gel because I purchased an iPhone 4 from her which my sister now uses. :) Too bad we weren’t able to take pictures to document the day :( It was nice meeting you, Gel. Sa uulitin!

Will share more stories of that week on my next blog post, so watch out! :)

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