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I’ve been following some online forums for weeks just to keep me informed whether the Touch is now available in the Philippines. I’ve been excited to own the iPod Touch since the announcement last September. So as soon as I read that it was already being sold in some stores, I started to feel all the more excited! Last Friday, my sister and I went to Power Mac, Festival Mall. We went there because I specifically remembered this store being mentioned in the forums… and that they were apparently selling the (PRODUCT)RED iPod Touch. When we got there I was surprised to see that there was no display of the new iPod Touch. So I asked one of the staffs and he immediately pointed a shelf to my right and told me that there was only one unit remaining: a 64GB pink iPod touch. The staff took it out of the shelf so I could see clearly how pink it was. I initially thought it was the red one, but upon seeing it up close I decided to not buy it. It was just “too pink” for my taste. Hehe! So we left Power Mac and I was disappointed, sad and about to lose hope. :P Yes, I was that dead set to get an iPod Touch on that day! Good thing my sister remembered that Sw!tch has a branch in Alabang Town Center, so we went there but I wasn’t too excited anymore. When we got in the store I immediately asked the first staff I saw. She told me it was available but there’s nothing on display. She asked what color I’d like but I answered back asking what colors were available. I was surprised when she said that they had all colors, so I asked for the red one (although I knew that the red was only being offered online). I was right, they didn’t have the red! But she said they had all colors, so I still tried and asked :P I settled for the white & grey one just because my BlackBerry is also white. Unfortunately, they still didn’t have any cases available yet for the iPod Touch. So I’m being really extra careful in using it. I was planning not to use it until I get a case but I just couldn’t put it down after I tried to test the wifi at home. Haha! Thanks to the staff at Sw!tch who opened the iPod Touch and set it up for me. :) I would probably be scared to take out the Touch from the box of fears of dropping it or maybe scratching it while I try to take it out.

iPod Touch (5th gen)

So here’s my initial thoughts/tips:

  • I love how lightweight it is.
  • The loop is actually useful. Its just a bit too large.
  • If you own an old iPod Touch and would like to transfer all your files, purchased apps etc. to your new device: Make sure to sync it first with your apple ID or create a back up on your computer.
  • If you’re a bit clumsy, wait until cases are available before buying. (Unless you have a spare case or pouch that would fit the device)

Overall, I’m loving the new iPod Touch. Despite not being able to use it frequently (still waiting for a case to be available). I can say that it’s definitely a good buy and worth spending Php16,490*. :) Next on my list… the Macbook Pro or Macbook Air! :P

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