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A Trip To MJ46 Center

My boyfriend’s favorite sporting brand is Nike. He’s such a Nike boy and he particularly loves their line of Michael Jordan products*. I think back when I was still playing high school & college basketball I preferred Adidas over Nike*. But nowadays I don’t have any preferred brand… I just buy whatever catches my attention especially if they’re on sale and have my size! I have shirts from Reebok & Converse and shoes from Adidas & Fila. Lately, it seems that I’m actually liking more Nike products. The first pair of Nike shoes I bought was almost a year ago when I was still back in Melbourne. Just a few weeks ago, I bought my first Nike jacket! When I saw it I was able to resist the urge to buy one. I did not even ask if they had any stocks or sizes and I didn’t tried one on. But eventually, I gave in and bought one a couple of hours after! Haha! Could it be that I am also slowly turning in to a Nike girl? :D

For a couple of days weeks my boyfriend kept on telling me about this outlet center in Bicutan that he read about in a blog. It’s his subtle way of saying that he wanted to visit and check out the place. So last Saturday, we finally went to MJ46 Center. » Continue reading “A Trip To MJ46 Center”

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