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A Trip To MJ46 Center

My boyfriend’s favorite sporting brand is Nike. He’s such a Nike boy and he particularly loves their line of Michael Jordan products*. I think back when I was still playing high school & college basketball I preferred Adidas over Nike*. But nowadays I don’t have any preferred brand… I just buy whatever catches my attention especially if they’re on sale and have my size! I have shirts from Reebok & Converse and shoes from Adidas & Fila. Lately, it seems that I’m actually liking more Nike products. The first pair of Nike shoes I bought was almost a year ago when I was still back in Melbourne. Just a few weeks ago, I bought my first Nike jacket! When I saw it I was able to resist the urge to buy one. I did not even ask if they had any stocks or sizes and I didn’t tried one on. But eventually, I gave in and bought one a couple of hours after! Haha! Could it be that I am also slowly turning in to a Nike girl? :D

For a couple of days weeks my boyfriend kept on telling me about this outlet center in Bicutan that he read about in a blog. It’s his subtle way of saying that he wanted to visit and check out the place. So last Saturday, we finally went to MJ46 Center. » Continue reading “A Trip To MJ46 Center”

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Random Thoughts: On Credit Cards & Groupon Sites

I received this e-mail a few days ago and thought it would be worthwhile to share to my “readers”. Since it’s that time of the year of gift giving or should I say gift buying? :)

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is now offering a virtual credit card which you could use this when purchasing online locally or internationally as long as the merchant accepts payments via MasterCard. Their e-mail and banner says “100% approval”, so I assume that anyone can apply and will be approved easily. What I do know is that applying for a normal BPI credit card isn’t easy as they do background checks to ensure that the applicant has the financial capacity to own a credit card. Annual Fee is free for life and you could also avail of up to 6 supplementary cards. I’m thinking of getting one since I’ve been using my main credit card for online purchases which until now I don’t feel very secure of using even though I’ve been doing it for a couple of years already.

BPI also started a groupon site, Deal Mania – exclusively for BPI Cardholders. Too bad I missed the Starbucks GC deal :( but personally, I don’t like the idea of groupon sites where a certain number of people should avail of the offer before the deal becomes available to all. If you browse through the deals on Deal Mania, you can see that there are a lot of offers but only a few has been purchased. Probably because a) people have different tastes, not all were enticed to get the same deal or b) people are hesitant to purchase because if the number of people to avail is not met then the buyer would have to pay for the original price or c) the selling price are quite expensive. I prefer group buying sites like CashCashPinoy, where they offer coupons in discounted prices for everyone. There’s no need for a deal to reach a certain number of purchase before you can avail of the deal price. So far I’ve only purchased once from CCP, its a voucher for a bartending/cocktail mixing 101 course. Unfortunately, I still haven’t used the voucher due to scheduling conflicts. I was really hoping that I could have attended the course by this time, just in time for the “party” season. I just hope that by January next year I have finally attended the course. :)

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Specs may mean two things. A short term for specifications like functional specifications, technical specifications etc. Or it can also be a short term for spectacles or eyeglasses :) My dad, mom and sister all wears glasses. I’m the only one in our family that doesn’t wear any glasses and I can’t believe that after all this years of working in front of the computer, my vision is still ok. Anyways, last weekend I saw this website that let’s you try on glasses. It’s like those websites where you upload your photo and you can choose your hairstyle but for this particular site instead of hairstyle you can try on different eyeglasses. Cool huh? The website I’m talking about is Zenni Optical. The site has plenty choices of affordable prescription eyeglasses. The cheapest pair of glasses is around $6! International shipping is not that bad either. I’d expect that shipping would be more than $20 but they’re only charging $9.95 for shipping. I’ve actually chosen one that I liked, it has some bling to it! :P Affordable Prescription Glasses I’m still unsure if I’ll order one but from the stories I’ve read on the internet the site seems legit. There are more stories available in their Share your Zenni story blog. I’ll read through all of them and hopefully by then I’ll be convinced to get a pair from them. Although my vision is still ok, I think it’s safe for me to wear eyeglasses because it is somehow my way of protecting/conserving my vision.

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Wow, 2 blog posts in a week! I’m on a roll! :)

Did you know that I don’t own a digital camera? Yup! That’s right! I don’t own a digital camera. I do actually share with my sister and my boyfriend. What I mean by share is that my sister and I shared to buy a camera and the same goes with my boyfriend. I realized that I could’ve bought my own camera if I didn’t shared with my sister and boyfriend! Haha! It’s kind of a hassle sharing a digital camera so I’ve been thinking of buying my own camera as a birthday gift for myself. While searching for the perfect camera, I came across the Canon D7 camera. So what’s so special about this camera? Well, the Canon D7 has 18 megapixels which for me translates as super clear pictures (or maybe I’m wrong). I’ve also seen some sample video shots on Youtube and they didn’t have any noise whatsoever. It’s as if they we’re shot with a professional video camera. More research about this camera and I discovered that it was used on shooting some scenes in Black Swan.

I’m not really a DSLR type of person but this is seriously making me think twice :)

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Wish for 2011

The year just started and I have a wish already. :)

I was just randomly visiting my favorite tech sites when I stumbled upon this article. It’s all about the new Xperia Arc by Sony Ericsson. I’ve always wanted to go back and own a SE. The first SE I owned was the K750i but then after a couple of years I wanted a phone that has wifi capabilities so I switched to the Nokia E51. I’ve had my phone for more than 2 years now and the power button is already broken. I’m starting to think that this is one of the downsides of the E51. The first time I received my phone from Globe, I had to return it back because of the same issue I’m having now – the power button. It’s too hard to switch it off & on. It turns out I’m not the only one. A quick search in Google returned lots of discussions about the E51’s power button. *sigh* I’d just have to deal with it for now and wait for SE Xperia Arc to be available in the market and read the reviews before deciding to buy it to replace my E51 :)

More information like features, specs etc can be found here.

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